Imagine you could reach your weight loss goal


And feel amazing, eat lots of food you love, and do it all with a simple approach doable for busy people like us.

Happiness guaranteed or money back.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight and just not getting the results you want?

Do you struggle with sticking to a diet plan with your busy lifestyle?

You know restrictive diets don't work. 

Spending hours meal prepping food you don't even want to eat is not going to work for your busy life.

How does it work?

I, Val Solomon, will coach you to success sharing my nutrition approach, Isagenix, that fuels your body to help it function like it was meant to function. You won't believe how good you can feel while slimming down!

Check out my own results below!

You'll be Supported!

Once you get started with me and Isagenix, I'll be your coach for as long as you choose to have me in your life! We'll speak on the phone, text and email to make this excellent and easy nutrition approach work in the best possible way for you and your family.

You'll be part of a supportive online community through a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with people just like you.

Step 1

You'll have two all-natural, high protein, high nutrient shakes a day. It's easy, takes up no brain space, and leaves you feeling satisfied and energetic.

Step 2

You'll at least two snacks and another meal filling your body with lots of food you love and crave.

Step 3

Detox your body for 2-4 days of the 11 days. I'll coach you through the detox cleanse portion to make sure you feel great.

Is this the 11 days and support you've been waiting for?

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